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Postpartum Belly Snapback

Don’t you hate seeing pictures of celebrities a few weeks after birth and they look like they never even had a baby? Totally relatable. Since celebrities have trainers, chefs, nannies, cosmetic procedures, and many other resources we tend to think that it must be impossible for everyone else who doesn’t have millions of dollars at their disposal to snap back as quickly. So what can the rest of us do?

A little about me…. I gave birth to 2 boys. I had my first son at a very young age (17), so snapping back with him wasn’t hard at all. I knew that with my second son, 10 years later, I had to make sure I was much more prepared. I do admit that I was very physically active prior to getting pregnant, and I did keep working out as much as my body could handle during pregnancy, so of course that was a factor, but I did still gain around 45lbs and was so worried about what my body would be like afterwards.

Me at 2 weeks postpartum with baby #2 

Here are the three things that helped my belly shrink quickly after pregnancy. No expensive trainer, personal chef, or nanny needed:

1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has many benefits for mom and baby! For the sake of the snap-back subject, I will talk about those that directly affect this. After you give birth, nursing your baby causes your uterus to contract, helping it shrink down to its normal size. In addition to this, breastfeeding burns about 500 calories per day!

2. Belly Bandit

This is a MUST have item. This worked miracles for me in shrinking my belly after pregnancy. I bought 2 sizes and put the first size on immediately when I got to the recovery room after giving birth and taking a shower. When I got home from the hospital everyone was commenting on how i didn’t look like I had just had a baby, it worked that quickly! I followed the instructions and wore it all the time except in the shower for the first couple of months.

3. Jamie Eason’s 12 Week Post-Pregnancy Trainer

I started following this program, listening to my body along the way. Most of the exercises in the very beginning are only focused on strengthening your pelvic floor and don’t take much time to do at all, so I was able to do this while at home alone with my sleeping newborn.


Have you tried these, or do you have additional tips for snapping back after baby? Let us know in the comments!


**Please consult your doctor before you try the methods mentioned to make sure you get the green light**

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